House Sheet Changes & an Important Announcement

House Sheet Changes & an Important Announcement

As promised, tweaks to House Abilities and Coterie Upgrades have been made! Click the ‘Get The Playbooks’ link in the main menu, or in the public document for the game, for the duration of the playtesting period.

Important note: We’ll be removing the playtesting materials from the site on September the 1st, as we feel great about the amount of feedback we’ve received over the last couple of months. By all means, save a copy of everything if you’d like to continue using the first draft source material and haven’t already done so!

At this time, we’re turning our attention toward fixing any sticking points noted by playtesters over the last few weeks, finishing up needful chapters that better clarify mechanics for the folks who haven’t played a published Forged in the Dark game yet, and so on– okay there might be some top-secret playbooks and setting material in the works too. We’re pretty firmly in the (not exciting for anyone but us, but decidedly necessary) ‘finishing up’ phase over here, and already chomping at the bit to really get to work on the next big project.

Thanks for sticking with us, guys!

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