Playbook Improvements

Playbook Improvements

This is a fairly large update that doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Using feedback from our awesome playtesters we went in and tweaked Special Abilities across all of the PC Playbooks. Several underwhelming abilities were beefed up, a couple over-powered skills (or skills that stepped on what made another playbook awesome) were nerfed or replaced entirely.

I won’t link to the playbooks in this post because the link URLs change pretty frequently. Instead, click on the link in the main menu bar for the most recent playbook at any given time, so long as we’re in open playtesting!

In other news – The House books are receiving a round of similar edits presently, so look forward to that update in the very near future! And if you haven’t already seen, you can now find us on Twitter @NaviMusing and @DrakeandDice, we hope to see you all there.

Thanks for reading, guys.

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