Updates & Changes VI

Updates & Changes VI

So funny story… I was wrong.

As soon as I announced the first draft was done, we found a bunch of problems. Go figure. We have amazing play-testing groups (shout out to my peeps!) that went above and beyond in helping us identify errors and ambiguous areas over the weekend. The overall positive response we’ve gotten from play-testing groups has been overwhelming. We are so appreciative of every person who decides to give this game a play-through and take the time to give us feedback, we cannot thank you guys enough.

Enough gushing. Here’s what got fixed.

  • Added the “Teamwork” section.
  • Added the Standard Items and their descriptions after the Playbook section.
  • Fixed some errors on House Lovell’s house sheet, and The Key’s playbook.
  • Exchanged the “actor” contact on the Eye sheet for a “locksmith”.
  • Filled in the rules for obtaining and using Special Armor.
  • Filled in the descriptions for the specialized character equipment.
  • Did a big overhaul on the Spheres of Influence mechanics, including pay-off, and new perks.
  • Explained the “Uncover a Plot” mechanic (more) clearly.
  • Added a “Traits” key to Districts, some districts also received unique quirks.
  • Added additional roll charts for generating NPCs, Spirits/Sprites, and Nearby Villages.
  • Added a mini chapter: “Changing the Game”.

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