Updates & Changes IV

Updates & Changes IV

It’s been a productive couple of weeks around here. We caught some errors, clarified some areas that were a little muddy, and added an incredible amount of needed information to flesh out the full Court of Blades manuscript. At this point, our to-do list (outside of continuing to playtest and balance new system mechanics) is getting to be a very short one.

Over the next couple of weeks some more factions need filling out, and once we’re happy with the balance of the mechanics we’ll need to write out the full Example of Play. Neither of these things are critical to the game’s playability. -Of course, adding and tweaking things we haven’t considered yet will undoubtedly happen as well.- That said, the game is ready for prime time for any GM with a little experience with any TTRPGs, and we’re pretty darn excited about that.

If you’re unsure about the system, you can always listen to a playthrough of Blades in the Dark just to get a feel for how Forged in the Dark games flow. Eventually we’ll put up our own playthrough for Court of Blades, but that’s a while off yet!

Without further ado, here is what we finished over the last two weeks:

  • Fleshed out The Houses Minor factions with Noteworthy NPCs, Assets, Reputations, Situations, Descriptions and all that jazz.
  • Fleshed out Spheres of Influence with detailed descriptions.
  • Detailed the Controlled, Risky, Desperate positions under position and effect for easier refencing.
  • Changed/balanced House Healer effects. – Having specialized healers give a bonus to their area of expertise feels a lot better in play than having healers take a negative in whatever they are not specialized in. It was a silly idea, we will not speak of it again.
  • Fixed confusion between Graces and Mercies in the text. – This one was my fault. I had written the Mercies in as both the healers and the monster hunters in the first pass, and the poor Graces were left jobless. That’s fixed now. Graces heal, Mercies slay monsters.
  • Changed “Mercy” healers to the correct “Grace” healers on the House Playsheet pdfs. – More fallout from the aforementioned issue with Mercy/Grace confusion.
  • Included a “Sprites and Spirits” section to Magic and Superstition to flavor the world.
  • Completed GM: Running the Game. -This was a big one, and pretty much makes the game runnable for any DM who is not already familiar with Forged in the Dark games.
  • Balanced House Advancement mechanics, and removed “Falling out of the Esultare” entirely. -There were just a lot of things in here that did not add to the “fun” of the game. They acted to its detriment, and we’re not about that life. If you already took this game to the table, make sure you look over the current iteration of “Advancing the House” to save yourself and your players frustration.
  • Added rules for Colleagues and Retinues accomplishing errands on the coterie’s behalf. -For the groups who want to be able to do all of the things, all of the time, and lament that there are only three errands per social season, we give you useful henchmen and the rules to govern them.
  • Fixed an error on House Bastien’s Sheet: “Fame” should be “Favor”.
  • Added an Additional Single Shot Pistol to General Playbook Gear for all playbooks.

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