Updates & Changes III

Updates & Changes III

We are nearing completion of the first draft of Court of Blades now, though the game has been in playtesting for a few weeks. At this point if you have familiarity with games like Blades in the Dark or Scum and Villainy you should not have any trouble taking this to the table. We’ll be trying to wrap up the final details over the next couple of weeks, life willing.

But, enough of that! Let’s see what got finished since the last update.

  • Unique objectives for all factions have been added.
  • Common and Sample Crafting Creations have been added, and the entire crafting section was completed.
  • The “7th House” was built and added to the GM section. This is sort of a mid-game crisis faction created for the odd chance that a non-PC house is removed from the Esultare. Most games will not need this, but it could make life interesting should it appear.

Since we make all changes to the system live for the purpose of the first draft, you can always jump down to the final page of the document, titled “Dev Notes” to see what we’re working on. When a task is crossed out, you know in advance that is has been completed and can view it immediately.

Until next time!

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