The Game

The Game

Court of Blades is a tabletop roleplaying game of power politics, Renaissance magic, gunpowder diplomacy, and romantic skulduggery, Forged in the Dark by a Couple of Drakes.

In Court of Blades, we take on the roles of retainers of a newly risen House of the Esultare in the great city of Ilrien. The Esultare, composed of the six Houses Major have a pecking order, and every citizen is aware of every house’s position within that order. 

You’ve already risen so high, but to secure your place and ensure that your House ascends to the highest seat of power in the world, you will have to learn about your rival houses, advance your House’s agenda, and risk your lives in a world of duplicity and magic. The errands upon which you will be dispatched are perilous. The forces arrayed against you are pitiless. The bonds of family in the city of Ilrien are Forged in the Dark.

You are a retainer in a coterie, powerful, and yet, the bottom of the greater pecking order. Your job is to support the family until it is elected First House. You will not be like the others. You will not be another disposable catspaw in the polite wars of Ilrien. Your private goal is to become a titled part of the family through service, securing your legacy.

We play to find out if our retainers can play the Great Game and win it all, or if they’ll fall prey to the machinations of their rivals.

10 thoughts on “The Game

  1. I watched the actual play last week; loved it and the style of story was fantastic. I’m very excited for the release and wish you all the best!
    Is it still possible to get the playtest material? my crew just wrapped up a campaign and we would love to give this very appropriately themed game a spin!

    1. Thanks so much! We’re having a blast running with Actual Play and looking forward to unveiling some of the cool mechanics and abilities that really make the system shine.

      As for playtest materials, we’ll send along a link to the Court of Blades v2 Google doc presently. We’re hard at work on another revision, but we’ve been playing on the v2 rules for the past 6 months or so. It makes for a fun and punchy game, but we pass it along with a single requirement: feedback. If you run it and something strikes you as weird or wonky, broken or unusable, then please (please, please) let us know so that we can sand down the rough edges, improve, and make this a game that sings. Also, if there’s anything that strikes you as particularly awesome, we need to know that too! Help us help you help us all.

  2. Just watched the Actual play. Love the game so far and Really appreciated you rEcording the Gm turn. That Really helps capture how the behiNd the sEnces story development works. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Justin! We’re having a blast with Actual Play and so happy to be showing a little piece of the fun to be had playing a dangerous game of politics and skullduggery. Glad that you’re enjoying it so far! Every bit of support means the world to us!

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